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Jay's Portrait

Jay Corbett Studio is a Commercial /Fine Art photographer who creates a world of exquisitely crafted images. His assemblages have an elegant formality in which lighting, film, painting, digital enhancement and xerography all make contributions. Corbett received a B.F.A. from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1990 after studying Fine Art in Miami, Florida.

His work has been included in many shows and private collections: AGFA Photo Gallery, Communication Arts Award, Ernest Haas /Golden Light Awards, HOW Self Promotion Awards, Photo District News/Nikon Awards, PDN/PIX Digital Annual Awards, The E3 Gallery and The Visual Club Exhibition.

Corbett has also been commissioned by such clients as Alitalia Airlines, AT&T, Camel, Dupont, Guinness, Charles Schwab, Eastman Kodak, Money Magazine, Omni Magazine, The Equitable, Turner Movie Classics and CIO Communications to create his unique form of imagery for them.

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